partenariatavecswissThe partnership with Swisscontact represents a significant milestone in FIMABIO’s development efforts. Swisscontact, an independent foundation closely connected to the private sector for international development cooperation, has played a crucial role in promoting economic, social, and ecological development in over 36 countries since its establishment in 1959.

The joint project with Swisscontact focuses on three pilot units, each aimed at promoting organic farming in specific sectors: vegetable cultivation in Ben Slimane, olive production in Meknes, and diversified farming in Rhafsai. During this initiative, FIMABIO successfully raised awareness among 285 farmers about organic farming practices and provided in-depth training to 131 of them. In these three regions, about ten farmers in each area have already initiated the conversion process to organic farming.

Furthermore, the pilot units have established fruitful partnerships with regional institutions, highlighting converted farmers as a central core. For example, the olive pilot farm, PAM in Meknes, collaborated with the Regional Department of Agriculture (DRA) and the Fes-Meknes Regional Council for the development of organic agriculture. Additionally, research and development partnerships have been forged between the National School of Agriculture in Meknes (ENAM) and the three pilot units.

However, as a pilot experience, FIMABIO’s ambition is to expand these practices nationwide, which requires significant financial resources. The support from Swisscontact has been essential in developing a robust strategic plan and fundraising strategy, ensuring continuity of activities and the necessary resources to achieve the set objectives. Workshops with various stakeholders and international meetings have allowed FIMABIO to clarify its strategic vision and actively engage in advocacy activities. This initiative aims to position FIMABIO as an essential advocate for the interests of stakeholders involved in organic agriculture.